Paul Kerekes

composer and pianist

four pieces (2015) 12’

viola and piano

first performers: Alexina Hawkins, viola; Jacob Abela, piano; 11 Aug 2015; Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), South Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia.

two canons (2014) 6’

2 violins

commissioner: Thin Edge New Music Collective

first performers: Suhashini Arulanadam and Ilana Waniuk; 13 June 2014; Array Space, Toronto, ON.

blur (2014) 8’

clarinet and alto flute

commissioner: Sarunas Jankauskas (clarinet), Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

first performance: 28 May 2014; Wichita State University, Wichita, KS.

vantages (2011/14) 18’

solo piano

first performers: I. and II.: Ryo Yanagitani; 3 Feb 2011; Morse Recital Hall, New Haven, CT; III.: Miki Sawada; 12 April 2014; Morse Recital Hall, New Haven, CT.

spark (2013) 12'

piano and percussion

commissioner: Dr. Faustus, New York, NY

first performer: Mirna Lekic, piano; Melanie Sehman, percussion; 13 May 2013; DiMenna Center, New York, NY.

sprocket (2012) 7’

2 pianos

first performers: Daniel Schlosberg and Paul Kerekes; 4 Oct 2012; Morse Recital Hall, New Haven, CT.

reach (2011) 16’

cello and piano

first performers: TwoSense: Ashley Bathgate, cello; Lisa Moore, piano; part 1:11 April 2011; Killian Hall (MIT), Boston, MA; part 2: 4 Dec 2011; Rubin Museum, New York, NY.

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