Paul Kerekes

composer and pianist


"Perhaps most striking on the program is Paul Kerekes' hail, a flute, cello and piano work whose ecstatic stream of mutating eighth-notes dodges the usual insults that get mud-slung at the post-minimalist music language. While the work employs a constant rhythmic grid as it backbone, it never feels overly mechanic or inhuman; undulating flute quivers and dramatic volume swoops bring a breath of organic life that is often missing from the sound world of composition that is supposed to sound rhythmically 'tight.'"
WQXR, Conor Hanick, March 2011

"...Paul Kerekes’s hail (2010), a work that uses sharp, irregular, bouncy rhythms and tightly entwined textures to create an almost tactile picture of a storm."
The New York Times, Allan Kozinn, January 2011

"My favorite student piece of the evening was Paul Kerekes’s vantages, a pair of highly eloquent pieces inspired by the poetry of Mark Strand and sensitively rendered by Ryosuke Yanagitani."
New Haven Advocate, Daniel Johnson, February 2011

Feast of Music, Chris McGovern, December 2011

Grand Band

"The Traveling Wilburys of the city’s new-music piano scene. The group played...with relaxed but focused poise."
The New York Times, Zachary Woolfe, August 2012

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