Paul Kerekes

composer and pianist

figment (2015) 6.5’

clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, double bass

first performers: Exceptet: Sarah Goldfeather, violin; Chuck Furlong, clarinet; Mark Utley, percussion; David Nagy, bassoon; Evan Honse, trumpet; David Linden, trombone; Pat Swoboda, double bass; 17 May 2015; Cloud City, Brooklyn, New York.

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focus (2013) 7’

wind quintet

first performers: Lauren Osaka, flute; Michelle Pan, oboe/english horn; Nick Davies, clarinet; Mackenzie Brauns, bassoon; Joshua Robinson, horn; 27 July 2013; Harris Concert Hall, Aspen Music Festival, Aspen, CO

trio in two parts (2012/13) 11’

cello, percussion, and piano

first performers: Paul Kerekes, piano and New Morse Code: Mike Compitello, percussion; Hannah Collins, cello; turning: 12 July 2012; Norfolk Chamber Music Festival, Norfolk, CT; three rooms: March 2013; Morse Recital Hall, New Haven, CT.

release (2013) 6’

2 violins and piano

first performers: Holly Piccoli and Edson Scheid, violins; David Fung, piano; 27 Feb 2013; Morse Recital Hall, New Haven, CT.

hail (2010) 6’

flute, cello, and piano

first performers: Johanna Ballou, piano; Kelli Kathman, flute; Nicholas Photinos, cello; 30 June 2010; Centre de Musique Hindemith, Blonay, Switzerland.

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